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Colorful Paint


BAFA therapeutic courses are concerned with the therapeutic application of the arts and the creative imagination for a more fulfilling life, rather than purely for remedial use. We at BAFA believe a healthier society to be one in which the creative working through of emotional pain, within a safe and supportive arena, is not merely the property of a few psychologically-minded people, or restricted to the confines of the art gallery or theatre. It should be possible for many more people to process their feelings well, rather than simply managing them via neurotic means.

Drawing Art explores emotional landscape and view, and aspects of a person’s ‘seen world’ in terms of inner and outer world reality. The inter-relationships of size, shape, line, space, texture, shade, tone, colour and distance in a Drawing Art can reveal the reality of the self and we at BAFA have designed these Workshops to Linger in the Exploration of self.

Mandala bafa


Western India’s iconic Warli Art is something that has been appreciated in the field of art for a long time as it depicts an artist’s expression on their own social life. Warli art does not depict any mythological or spiritual aspects, but instead, showcases the social life and aspirations of an artist. These paintings are performed in white colour on mud walls and resemble prehistoric cave paintings.
At BAFA, we provide you with more information into the history and culture of regional art forms which formed the base for art expressions in societal terms.


Doodle Art is a fun way to draw beautiful and original designs, with simple characters or random and abstract patterns. In essence, Doodles are simple drawings that may or may not have specific meanings in the form of abstract shapes. Cave paintings is the oldest form of Doodle art, which basically means you can almost doodle anywhere, all you need is a pen or pencil or charcoal or basically anything that is sharp enough to draw anything on any surface. BAFA adds spur to your proficiency in art. Doodling boosts memory and has other benefits to help you relieve stress, improve focus, enhance creativity and help express emotions in a way that does not have a pattern. It is a process of having fun with different patterns totally created by your imagination and frame of mind.



The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. We call these patterns, tangles. It is a self-help art therapy form practiced to enhance relaxation and focus. Zentangle is known as a way to create structured designs through drawing various patterns. This art form is a meditative art that mainly works on channeling our inner self to be calm.

It is also used by a lot of artists as part of therapy to increase self-confidence, relieve stress and anxiety. It has the power to increase the coordination between eyes and hands and develop creativity. At, BAFA, the modules are designed keeping in mind the tough times and creating designs can keep you calm and reaffirm positivity.


We all know Calligraphy is basically a beautification of the written word but did you know it can be used as an incredible form of art?
Calligraphy is an ancient art whose popularity still exists today. Centered around letter forms and symbols, calligraphy celebrates the written word in many different ways, from how the individual letters are arranged to the rhythm and flow between them.
At BAFA, this art form is particularly famous for those enthusiasts who love writing in an artistic manner and are professional designers in their respective fields.



Folk hand lettering is a form of hand lettering where the letters are expressed using folk art. In such art form folk art like warli and madhubani. 

This artfrom is very unique and exquisite and expresses the essence of the Art in the lettering which then forms words glorifying the essence of the Word in the essence of the Art form. It is used in creating invitations for events. Hand Lettering is becoming a great industry for people to start their creative business.  At BAFA, We transition this in essence on the canvas in a step process to recreate this art form.

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