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AT BAFA, the long term courses start with a foundation program that introduces participants to the world of creativity. This course is meant to instill the creative mindset within a participant and to help them foster the fundamental principles, tools and techniques required to create the art form and invigorate the skill set depending on the Level of course enrolled in .



Art as an expression for adults can be a relief, an opportunity to re-activate, strengthen and increase an existential joy. Arts for adults denotes a particular way of seeing the human being, a unique life philosophy, a vision of what is most precious for a person. Art as a language develops aesthetic perception which Aids in the formation of aesthetic sensitivity which involves the sharpening of receivers through which chromatic and gestural messages are received. 

At BAFA, this course, aims to lay foundation with various tools and techniques for the basics of visual art ie. sketching, drawing and use of colors to understand and compose animals in various mediums ultimately reaching to realistic portraits.


Art is a language that allows us to express and develop our ideas and emotions. Artistic activities foster intellectual development, Stimulates their creativity and imagination. Visual Art fosters positive mental health by allowing a child to show individual uniqueness as well as success and accomplishment, all part of a positive self-concept.

AT BAFA, the course is designed to teach the kids the basics of sketching and coloring leading to putting life into character painting, playing around with inanimate objects and creating realistic drawings of objects to creating avatars and cartoons of related human figures and superheroes and finally composing animals and birds.



The concept of portraiture is often considered as a difficult art form to master, because it requires a great deal of observational skills that can help you integrate every little meticulous detail that will make the portrait look stunning. However if we master the skill of observation, then what remains, is to gain control on the artistic techniques and important concepts that are a must for portrait making. A same portrait drawn by various artists will still have its own unique value to it, as every artist would add a touch of their own element into it.

At BAFA, the courses are carefully curated that can help any student start with the basics and thus eventually challenge them to improvise on their skillset. The emotion or the story conveyed in a portrait comes with understanding and reflection, and we will carefully guide them to enhance their observation skills as well as technical skills that can help them better themselves.  


The most common form of art used in modern day is Acrylic painting. It is different from watercolor and oil painting in a way that it offers its own unique set of characteristics to an artist out of which the most appealing factor of this form of art is the brightness of colors.

BAFA’s expertise in Acrylics will not only help an artist to learn the intricacies of shades, but also gain extensive knowledge on brush strokes and lines,  that have to be pretty sharp, in order for attaining perfection in this form of art.



One of the most common forms of art that we learn as kids is watercolor art. Through the use of water, colors are mixed before the process of performing free-flowing intricate paintings is undertaken.

Control and freedom are the cornerstones of successful watercolor art. We, at BAFA not only provide you with effective theoretical knowledge of color combinations, but also help you in understanding detailed patterns which help connect the movement of your paintbrush to the thoughts in your mind.


One of the oldest forms of art, Charcoal art started from the oldest days of human civilization when human covered their experiences in charcoal paint on the walls of their caves. While it looks simple, Charcoal art is one of the toughest forms of art to perform with perfection.
At BAFA, we encourage students to use their imagination and create some of the most unique designs that are only possible through the use of Charcoal. The intricate details, attention to quality, tone and subtlety is what makes this form of art more realistic than any other art form.



As the name suggests, Oil painting art is done by using oil as an adhesive which when mixed with colors, helps create spectacularly detailed pieces of art.
For professionals, understanding the properties of ingredients found in any oil paint affects the success of their intended art’s outcome.
It is no secret that painting helps bring a shape to life.
At BAFA, we help you open your horizons and understand why oil painting requires unendingly creative blend of oil and colors in which the oil acts as an agent that keeps all colors stuck together.


Pastels are  unique. Applied dry, the active process is clearly associated with drawing. The thought process, and finished result however, is closely related to painting. As a result, pastels offer the artist a special blend of the two most common approaches to art creation. The range of drawing perspectives are very wide for pastels including still life, landscapes, nature objects while the techniques of texturing, color mixing adds intense depths to all the mediums used and can lead to exquisite details on the canvas.


At BAFA, a Long term process oriented module has been designed to take the various mediums and techniques into play for creating basic to complex compositions depending on the level.



What if you could make an art form that could look eerily similar to it being alive or in its natural habitat. That is what Still life Art is all about.
The goal of a still life composition is to direct the viewer's eye through a painting and lead them toward what the artist thinks is important.


One of the principles of BAFA is to help an artist re-envision themselves through the performance of their art. This art form helps an artist transfer an immense amount of reality from their own life on to paper, and that brings out exceptional results.


It's our inherent quality to be attracted towards nature. Flowers, trees, plants, greenery, the ocean, animals, all of these are part of the flora and fauna of our beautiful planet.

At BAFA, we use our love for nature and try to inculcate the same into everyone who is a part of this course to help them build a connection with nature. This art form is especially helpful for those aspiring to master, shape, color and texture in order to create artworks relating to nature. It all starts with a sketch and we help students to mould themselves into learning more about textures and color compositions required to make their flora and fauna as realistic as possible.



For those who intend to become an architect, mastering perspective art is an absolute necessity. Perspective is an art-form used to create an illusion of three-dimensions on a two-dimensional surface.The artists who attempt perspective art are truly gifted with the sense of space and objectification of shapes which seem natural in a three-dimensional area.In the art world, perspective is still about your point of view, and the relationships of objects to one another.One of the most important art forms that we at BAFA help you gain mastery in. Perspective art is an excellent addition to your artistic skill set if performed correctly, which we will ensure.


This is an art form that we are born with! Sketching art is one of the most commonly practiced forms in the world, right from the nursery level.

This art form is quite self-explanatory as we all have been doing it since our school days.
We, at BAFA, have artists who excel at Sketching as it forms the very basis of basic art. It takes a lot of hard work and practice but once mastered, it can open up a lot of avenues for your career, especially in the field of animation, interior and graphic designing.


Landscape Foundation

Landscape artwork primarily focuses on natural scenery, such as mountains, forests, cliffs, trees, rivers, valleys, etc. Landscape artists can choose to depict their vision of the earth in a variety of ways. They can be painted realistically, in an effort to replicate nature as closely as possible to an abstract manner, in which the imagery is imbued with a deeper spiritual meaning.

Landscape paintings also aren't necessarily limited to depictions of land. they can also include images of seascapes, cloudscapes, skyscapes, riverscapes, or cityscapes.

AT BAFA, we design the module for understanding the tools and techniques for photo sketching to outdoor sketching to comfortable mode of drawing.

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