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Drawing Foundation course for Adults - Intermediate

Incarnate Animals in their core form with drawing, colors and charcoal

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Drawing Foundation course for Adults - Intermediate

Time & Location

Time is TBD


About the event

Start Date: Coming Soon

Time: 6:00 - 7:00 PM IST

Days : Wednesday & Friday

Duration: 3 Months (24 Sessions) - 8 sessions each month

Language: Hindi


Option 1 -: 3500 x 3 months - 10500 monthly Payment 

Option 2 -: 3200 x 3 months - 9600 one time payment 

Level : Intermediate

Tutor : Mr. Kundara

Introduction : 

Art as a language develops aesthetic perception which Aids in the formation of aesthetic sensitivity which involves the sharpening of receivers through which chromatic and gestural messages are received. Focussing on knowledge, perception or even practice of arts of a specific kind no longer comes from the outside (as it is the case of a child, for example), but it is a self-proposed purpose which comes from inside. The adult ”discovers” that one can find fulfilment in attaching oneself to an artistic phenomenon or by living with it. Self-programming becomes obvious and the purpose is more centered (of knowing a specific art genre, of practicing a specific instrument, Like painting. In this Intermediate Course, we lay focus on the core element of animated nature ie. Animals . They have a defining persona and a unique form that makes them look beautiful and graceful. We focus on various tools and techniques to understand and compose animals in various mediums ultimately reaching to realistic portraits.

What will you learn during the Workshop:

What you will learn during this workshop :   For the intermediate level, a carefully designed module that spans over 24 sessions (3 months, 8 sessions per month) is laid out that focuses on a core element of animated nature I.e. Animals. The curriculum includes :   

Module 1 (6 sessions) : Core Inititation and Animal Composition basics :  - The module starts with brushing up the basics tools and techniques required to formate the base for further module like sketching, shading, stripping, weaving. - The next segment carries off from the beginner module to refresh on the still Life composition techiques with shading, stripping, weaving.   

Module 2 (10 sessions, including a Doubt/Feedback, Q&A session) : Animal anatomy :  - The module starts with basics of animal anatomy and understanding of fundamentals of shape, structure, form.  - The next segment explains the animal pose, gestures and textures in detail. - The last segment focuses on animal eyes, paws and motion sketch.  Module 3 (8 sessions ) : Pastel Colouring and Charcoal :   - The first segment explains in details the animal drawings with pastel colors and playful vibes of other techniques mixed with colouring - The last segment introduces and then explains the charcoal medium for animals drawing with various compositions

Who this course is for: 

Adults (Recommended above 15 years +)

Material Required: 

Sheet Size : A3 

Ivory Sheet  

Cartridge Sheets 

Pastels sheets  

Kohinoor Pencil Eraser  

Shading Pencils  

Option 1 : art line pencil set (Main Shades-  6b, 8b, 10b) 

Option 2 : Staedtler Pencil Set (Main Shades-  6b, 8b, 10b)  

Soft Pastels - Doms and steadier   

Fixative Spray - Charcoal & Pastels   

Paper Stumps   

Masking Tape  

Exam Board a3 size

About Artist: The BAFA Artisan, Mr  K K Kundara comes with his own expertise in Sketching as he has spent years in the industry creating different artworks with sketching everyday. His motto is to create an artwork without having to use the eraser. He loves to create masterpieces from scenes in the daily life through the concept of rapid sketching. With the best of artists as our faculty, we aim to impart the knowledge of art to our students that will help them in their career of art.

About BAFA : BAFA is an art community curated by profound artists from all around the globe who are looking to spread the knowledge and passion for art amongst everybody. BAFA conducts online and offline workshops teaching over 50 different art forms with a fantastic blend of in-house artists who have spent decades in mastering the skill that the art form demands. We also have our own online store and personalized portrait section which allows the artist’s work to reach a wider audience and help them sell their artwork. Keen to know different art forms, join BAFA and you can engage with the renowned artists and learn new art forms from time to time.

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