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Paper Fans


BAFA offers innovative and creative ways to learn new skills and hobbies through various crafting courses focussing on DIY'ers to find value in engaging art. 

Through live video instructions or on Demand Access of recorded sessions, aspiring crafters and DIY'ers will learn new techniques or be guided step-by-step to create a project with high-quality instruction from the comfort of home.



Western India’s iconic Warli Art is something that has been appreciated in the field of art for a long time as it depicts an artist’s expression on their own social life. Warli art does not depict any mythological or spiritual aspects, but instead, showcases the social life and aspirations of an artist. These paintings are performed in white colour on mud walls and resemble prehistoric cave paintings.
At BAFA, we provide you with more information into the history and culture of regional art forms which formed the base for art expressions in societal terms.


Clay art modeling is a fun art activity that involves the sculpting and moulding of modeling clay into a variety of shapes and objects. Similar to Play-Doh, the main difference of modeling clay is its properties. It is firmer than play-doh which makes it easier for children to sculpt and shape their creative masterpieces. Clay art with modeling clay is a good precursor to ceramic art with clay. Modeling clay can be colorful and non-toxic. It does not require a kiln for finishing, making it an easy material for younger children to work with. 

This is a healthy activity for kids and adults  of all ages as it helps in their development. It is a way to boost their communication skills, creativity and imagination.

At BAFA, we have systematically designed modules to foster the sculpting skills from basic to complex levels.



Chewed Paper Art or Paper Mache Art as it is popularly known is made from a paper along with an adhesive which hardens on drying up after which, an artist can paint on it.
One of the highlight features of Paper Mache art is that they can be created in a traditional as well as modern look or even if you are looking to create a blend between an old art form and a new one.

At BAFA, we ensure that such basic art forms are given the most attention as these create a strong base for an artist to perform tougher, more complicated forms of art.


Handmade stamps form the basis of Block printing art. With the use of many materials including wood, rubber etc, this art form requires the use of special carving tools whose impressions are then transferred on to paper or fabric using ink, dyes and other paint resources.
BAFA values this 500 year old art founded in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We believe that art has originated from nature and our surroundings and we intend to imbibe these values with the use of this form of art.



Painting done on a cloth is basically termed as an emboss art form. It basically is a technique to give your art form a 3-D appearance. If you are looking to try a new art form, Embossing is an excellent proposition for you. This type of painting not only increases your creativity but also your sense of visual art. Emboss art can be performed on various surfaces including aluminium, foil, cloth or velvet, all you need is embossing powder, fabric paint and a paintbrush, it’s that easy!

At BAFA, we give immense attention to detail and Emboss art is the epitome of detail. This form of art helps immensely in terms of building concentration as it contains intricate designs which are not everyone’s cup of tea.


One of the most popular art forms in the world, Glass art is one which needs just three things - light, glass and all the creativity you have!
This form of art is not only something that can be a wonderful hobby, but also one that can boost your career prospects, especially if you are an interior designer as glass designing never goes out of trend.
At BAFA, you will have access to many art forms, but Glass art will definitely provide you with something unique in your personal as well as professional profile.



Decoupage Art is a way of decorating an object with gluing small cut outs of decorative paper and often used with gold foils as well. 

Commonly required are a mod podge glue , scissors , brushes and decoupage paper. The process even though is tedious but the end results are always amazing. This is one of the new emerging art forms and is even valued in an interior designing field. 


At BAFA, we have systemic designed modules to foster the sculpting skills from basic to complex levels.

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