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Regulations and Policies Followed at BAFA

Rules Academic


To begin with, please note that BAFA cannot be held responsible for any content that might be linked to external websites from our own.
All information provided is correct at time of publication. While every effort is made to offer the courses set out in the Academy’s plans, the Academy reserves the right to withdraw particular courses without any prior warning. Additionally, the fee structure for courses will be revised from time to time.
Participants who have already paid in full for a course will not be subject to any such price revisions. Minor changes of course content will not be considered to affect our cancellation policy, as set out in the BAFA’s Refund & Transfer Policy.


Courses often run on Bank Holidays too – please check the course document carefully.


On completion of your course and having attended the minimum number of hours required, BAFA will provide you with a E - Certificate of Attendance. The student should communicate in advance whether he/she requires such a certification.


Our website is the source of the most up-to-date information concerning important dates at our organisations as well as newly updated content from the industry. Applicants are advised to check details on the website from time to time in order to stay in line with BAFA’s updates.



We may photograph our classes for use in marketing and promotional material (including on our website and social media channels). 

We’ll always get in touch with you before the class to let you know that a photographer will be present, and you’ll be asked for your permission to have your photo taken and used.


We want to know about your experience at BAFA. You can get in touch with our offices on the phone or email us at ______.


Academic refund



If a course is canceled by us at BAFA, participants will be notified and given the opportunity to transfer to another course of their choice. 

Otherwise, the full cost of fees will be refunded within three weeks, under normal circumstances. We shall not be held liable for any other consequential loss.



Cancellations on the part of the participant made less than 7 days before the start of the course are non-refundable. Cancellations made before that time will incur a Rs. 500 administration charge.



This from one course to another may be made available up to two weeks prior to the course start date, depending on availability.



If you are no longer able to attend a course, substitutions may be accepted up to one week prior to the course start date. Please note substitutions cannot be accepted once the course has started.



In the event of staff illness, we will attempt to find a substitute tutor. If this is not possible, the class will be postponed, participants will be notified and the class will be rescheduled. Alternatively, the missed hours may be added to the remaining course classes.



In the event of a public transport strike, security closure, or severe weather conditions, we may have to cancel or close a class early for reasons beyond our control. Unfortunately in these situations, we cannot accept any liability or provide an alternative session or offer a refund.



Non-attendance of classes due to illness, or for personal or professional reasons does not provide the right to refunds, extra tuition, or transferral to another class. However, in such an event we shall consider all the circumstances and take such action that we consider fair and reasonable, subject to availability.



All participants of all courses are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout their association with BAFA. Any behavior which fails to meet our expectations in terms of behavior or discipline or which hampers the proper functioning or activities of the Academy or those who work, study, or visit the Academy, or which otherwise damages the Academy or its reputation can be considered a breach of this code of conduct. 

We reserve the right to issue a warning where appropriate, and if it does not prove to be the situation, the participant may be asked to leave the course.

We reserve the right to issue a warning where appropriate, and if it does not prove to be the situation, the participant may be asked to leave the course.

Participants are requested:

– To be considerate and respectful of the needs of fellow students, staff, and visitors to the Academy

– To respect the Academy’s property and that of others

– To comply with reasonable requests or instructions from members of the Academy staff

– Not to engage in any conduct which is intended or is likely to disrupt teaching, learning, or any other activities undertaken by or within the Academy

– Not to damage Academy property or use it for unapproved purposes

– Not to engage in any harassment or intimidating behavior

– Not to engage in any other antisocial behavior, including causing excessive noise

– Not to drink alcohol or be intoxicated on the Academy premise

– Not to photograph models without consent

– Not to put the health and safety of yourself or others at significant risk

– Not to access internet sites containing pornographic, offensive, or obscene material on Academy IT equipment and networks

In some cases, failure to meet the above-stated expectations of behavior may result in immediate removal from the course and permanent exclusion from the Academy. 


The following (non-exhaustive) list will result in immediate removal from and permanent exclusion from the Academy:

– Physical violence

– Sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence

– Hate crime

– Theft or unauthorized possession of any property or facilities belonging to the Academy, a student, member of staff, or visitor

– Incidences requiring police involvement

– Non-accidental damage to property, whether owned by the Academy or otherwise



OPTION 1 : Online Payment through Debit card / Credit Card  & PayPal.


OPTION : Please transfer the order amount via Paytm or Googlepay or PhonePay to below number:

Juhi Nagpal    :  8879100086

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